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Who I am

A little about me…

Hello friends!

I am glad you are here! I am the mother of the most wonderful 7 year old daughter and an avid consumer of anything I can learn from! However, when I am not single parenting or actively learning, I am working with my 501c clients and community.

As the founder of SGR Consulting, I have almost 20 years of experience and expertise in designing and implementing data driven outreach campaigns for fundraising and membership organizations. I love data! I love how the numbers tell us exactly what needs to be done and how to go after the lowest hanging fruit, ensuring growth for the organization. It’s probably the easiest and most effective way to approach yearly strategic plans. This is what I love to do! Figure out the easiest way to make the most money.

What i do

I have almost 20 years working with fundraising and membership organizations. My are of expertise lies in designing and executing strategic, multi-channel outreach strategies with a focus on individual donor and individual member acquisition, on-boarding and retention. My passion is in working with organizations actively working on criminal justice reform. Contact me to start a conversation!

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Growing Up

Although I am closer to my 40’s than I am to my 30’s I only recently felt like I finally grew up. Yup. I grew

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